100 days of Maternelle – an exhibition for litlle and big ones

100 days of Maternelle - an exhibition for litlle and big ones

Remember September 3, the first day of school? The sky was full of white clouds, the pupils were anxious to see their old schoolmates and discover new ones, whilst they were saying goodbye to the fun days as school was starting again …. Since then, 100 days have passed! Did you feel the time pass?

Well, for the children of Grande Section, this time has been filled with important activities to prepare them for their future year, when they will leave nursery school and enter the CP class. Little by little, they have learned to build the numerical sequence and to write large numbers, to make collections of 10 and to discover the huge number that is 100!

Last Friday, they proudly organised an exhibition that has become a tradition, the 100 days exhibition!


In the motricity classroom, they have carefully installed all their precious work, different collections containing 100 pieces. The CPBs also contributed to a touching project called 100% tenderness among CPBs (50 tender messages and 50 little hearts). The book was filled with drawings, love messages and, of course, hearts. .The have also made drawings and shared their thoughts on what they will look like when they are 100 years old.

At the first hour in the morning, parents were greeted with pleasure at the exhibition to see their children’s work and to discover, with them, each piece of the exhibition.

After the last parent had left the room, one by one, the other classes were welcomed to visit the exhibition.

For the older children, the younger ones had prepared a little game of ” seek and find ” which the pupils were delighted to undertake. They also had fun counting the objects in each collection and, overall, it was an opportunity for them to revise some basic mathematics.

The children of the Moyenne and Petite Section did not miss the opportunity to be present. The teachers went through each collection, explaining and asking questions…. While the Petite Section had the chance to discover many things about the number 100, the Moyenne Section children made an excellent impression: we can say that they are ready (or almost) for the challenges of the Grande Section.

Friday ended in a good atmosphere, with the preschoolers proud to show how their projects can be a source of learning for all! We thank all the teachers and their assistants, the children and the parents for participating in the project and for being present to share these moments with us all!

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