After-school activities – a way to build skills and friendships

After-school activities - a way to build skills and friendships

As soon as the bells signals the end of classes 90 to 110 children prepare daily for their after-school activities  – at 14h30 you would have a small show in front of your eyes: elementary pupils running toward the meeting point  or having a final discussion with their classmates, animators calling and counting the pupils or bringing their groups to order. Yes, you could say that there is an intense back and forth for about 30 minutes. After that, there is silence in the courtyard and the action moves to the classrooms, training grounds or sports halls.

The LfiSV offers 23 activities to 183 students. Whether it’s dance, art, sport, drama, crafts, music or any other activity, we pride ourselves on having great instructors and awesome activities, and we always strive to offer new and even more rewarding ones every year.

Pupils are not only learning and having fun, they are also preparing to shine before their parents: whether is the masterpiece they are producing in the workshop or a performance, this aspect is very important for everyone.

For the parents, is the chance to acknowledge the new skills, creative works and new relationships that the children have developed during the activities. For the pupils, it is a boost to their self-esteem, the time when parents congratulate them sincerely, an opportunity to form new relationships with their peers and to strengthen their sense of community.

Since end of December, we have been organising a series of performances that will continue throughout the year.

We are excited to bring you all these shows, and we will start with a well-loved activity: dance!

The Tuesday Hip Hop group is proud to present their big show. We would like to thank the group and Ekaterina, the trainer, for all the work they have done in such a short time.

Without further words, we give you…. “Lets Dance” hip hop show!

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