Celebrating sport with CE2 classes

Celebrating sport with CE2 classes

As we all know, the Olympics will be held in Paris this year. The entire AEFE network, including our school, is honouring this event and dedicating this school year to sport.

Throughout the year, all classes, from maternelle to lycée, are organising events and carrying out projects around this topic.

This time, we are presenting the CE2 classes. Since last year, the pupils have had the opportunity to try out different types of sport. The latest encounters were organised by volunteer parents, who came to the class or accompanied the pupils to the school gym to present their favourite sport.

So far, the children have discovered the origins, practices and world of contemporary and ballet dance, gymnastics, marathon running, surfing, archery and golf.

They have also visited the Balletthaus in Düsseldorf (training rooms, changing rooms, rest room, costume fitting room, shoe warehouse, etc.) and have been amazed by the performances of the professional classical dancers.

Sport is crucial to the development and health of all. It helps to build skills and develop individual and collective values. It is a unifying force in itself and also among students, teachers and parents.

We would like to thank all the parents, pupils and others who took part in these projects, and we look forward to seeing what happens next with judo, tennis, capoeira, climbing, horse-riding and triathlon…

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