CM2 pupils engage in plastic and paper recycling

CM2 pupils engage in plastic and paper recycling

Introducing pupils to eco-citizenship and raising their awareness to sustainable environment are part of the school’s project and have been carried out for several years. The school is actively involved in the fight against food waste in the canteen, the ADN Carbone 0 project, initiated by the AEFE or the recent Düsselkronen project.

To continue this commitment, the CM2 classes have prepared a new project: waste management.

Fighting against pollution everywhere and all the time is essential to protect the planet. Sorting packaging and paper helps considerably, not only to reduce the amount of waste, but also to save natural resources through recycling. This is already the case in our homes, but outside, in the streets, in natural areas or at school, there is still a long way to go.

Taking responsibility is also an educational exercise. That is why, without wasting any time, the CM2 pupils are launching themselves and involving all the classes of the elementary school in another eco-responsible project.

Their representatives also tell us about their project.

The project explained by the CM2 pupils

Here is the waste management project that we, the CM2 pupils, helped to set up in several stages:
First of all, the school wanted to introduce 3 types of bins per class in order to set up the same selective sorting in each class of the school: a blue one for paper and cardboard, a yellow one for plastic and packaging and a grey one for organic waste.

The two classes of CM2 went in September/October to make an inventory of all the bins in the school.
2. 2. Based on this inventory, the headmistress ordered the missing blue, yellow and grey bins.
3. In November/December we distributed to each class the 3 bins on which we placed the stickers corresponding to the different types of waste. In the primary school there is now a ” Sorting Point “.

Since 24 January, every evening, the cleaning company only empties the grey bin. The classes of CE2, CM1 and CM2 are responsible for emptying their blue and yellow bins in the outside containers.
In addition, the CE2, CM1 and CM2 classes are responsible, on a rotating basis, for emptying the bins of the kindergarten, CP and CE1 classes twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.


This system will soon be introduced in the secondary school.
Fabian and Thomas CM2

We would like to thank the teachers and all the pupils for having answered yes to this project and for having shown that together they are learning and becoming the citizens of tomorrow, a tomorrow that is also concerned about the future of the planet.

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