Düsseldorf Helau ! The Carnival at LfiSV

Düsseldorf Helau ! The Carnival at LfiSV

Carnival is always synonymous with parades, dancing, pancakes and fun, lots of fun!

After being brilliantly represented at the town carnival on 18 February by a group of parents, the whole primary school had its moment on 3 March. This year, 2 different themes were chosen. The kindergarten chose the circus theme and all the children were happy to show off their costumes and celebrate. The rest of the primaries showed us how recycling can be approached in a colourful way! Pupils came to school dressed up, each in their own original costume. The teachers of course played along and came to school dressed up as well.

Mrs Chardon, as mistress of ceremonies, opened the ball and the atmosphere was quickly warmed up by dancing and a crazy farandole that went all the way to the first floor. As tradition dictates, once again, the costumes respecting the theme were rewarded with a diploma, and there were many! The dancing not only warmed up the children but also opened up their appetites! The pains au chocolat, croissants, sweets and juices gave them a well-deserved respite, before resuming the dancing. The party would have continued but it was time to get ready to go home or to participate in the after-school programmes and, one by one, the children went back to their classes.

A great way to start school again after the holidays, a wonderful time shared between the children and the school staff, everyone had a wonderful and colourful Friday.

We would like to congratulate all the children and parents for creating such beautiful costumes, and grant a special recognition to our primary director, Mrs Chardon, for her marathon today: 2 beautiful costumes, 2 parties, 2 prize ceremonies, a lot of work and generosity!

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