Düsselkronen project – soon our first 100 kg!

Düsselkronen project - soon our first 100 kg!

Düsselkronen is a project of Blockblocks Cleanup gGmbH, initially aimed at companies and the catering industry. The purpose of this project is to recycle all caps and lids that are otherwise lost in the normal waste or in nature. The project supports various animal welfare organisations.

As of December, our school is proud to be part of this project. The CM2 classes acted as ambassadors and presented the project to students from Maternelle to Terminale. They have also designed posters to explain and promote the project and have placed them throughout the school for everyone to use as a daily reminder.

The project explained by the CM2

The Düsselkronen project consists of collecting metal caps and lids for regional associations. 100 kg of metal caps and lids collected are worth 10 euros.

Whenever we collect 100 kg, an organisation comes and collects them for recycling. At the moment we support the “Greifvogelhilfe” association for injured birds of prey (in Brüggen).

The classes of CM2 A and B have presented this action in all the classes of maternelle, élémentaire, collège and lycée. Posters have also been produced by the two CM2 classes to present the project.

Caps and lids can be deposited in the blue bins located at the entrance of the nursery, elementary and middle/high school buildings.

We look forward to collecting your caps and lids!

Martin, Elisa et Anaïs CM2A

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