History of navigation and life on the Rhine and its banks: visit to the Schifffahrtmuseum

History of navigation and life on the Rhine and its banks: visit to the Schifffahrtmuseum

The CE2 classes set out on a journey through time to discover the history of the Rhine and life on and around it. The CE2C class initiated the adventure and went to the Museum of River Navigation located in the old city centre. They were followed by the two other CE2 classes.

The Schifffahrtmuseum is one of the oldest inland navigation museums in Germany, located in the castle tower on the banks of the Rhine. Together with one of their German teachers to facilitate the translation of the museum guide, the pupils were first introduced to the history of the building that now houses the museum. The lecture then focused on the geography of the Rhine: it runs for 1,230 km from Switzerland, where it rises, to the Netherlands, where it flows into the North Sea, passing through the river trade, essential for the development of the region. They all enjoyed unusual stories such as the flooding of the underground during heavy rainfall.

They were also surprised to discover the ‘Dutch rafts’. These huge rafts were used to transport logs for boat building or for the foundations of cities around the North Sea. Measuring up to 800 metres long, 90 metres wide and 7 metres thick, they housed 300 to 400 people, huts, animals and even small towers used to transmit signals.

Once the presentation was over, the children were able to experience the interactive stations, touch and try out the different objects used to build the wooden boats, perform the same actions as the craftsmen of the time and discover an impressive collection of model boats. From the boats of the past to the present day… from wood to iron, they reviewed the tools, objects, materials…

And if this has made you want to visit the museum yourself, not only does the museum offer a free guided public tour of about an hour every Sunday, but you can also enjoy a tasty snack after visiting the museum whilst gazing at the famous river, in the little restaurant at the top of the building.

Museum | Freunde und Förderer des SchifffahrtMuseums im Schlossturm e.V. Düsseldorf 

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