I know, it is the police!

I know, it is the police!

On Monday 5 December, the children of the Grande Section enjoyed an important and instructive visit: two police representatives shared a little more than an hour with them and introduced them to the world of the police.

In a very entertaining way, the two policewomen presented their uniforms and since the children were very curious to see what is hidden in each little pocket, one by one they presented the objects that they carry with them every day.

The meeting was followed by a short presentation of basic traffic rules: the way to cross the street, the appropriate places, the good habits to have when crossing at traffic lights.

The policewomen took turns impressing the children with their equipment, yet they were also impressed by the knowledge that the children possessed. Almost all of them knew what the 110 is, the significance of each colour of traffic light and that the Police protect and help people while punishing the “bad guys”.

Learning is good, but playing is better! After the main points were presented, children left the classroom for a play session. A street was improvised and the children were asked to cross it according to the rules and the traffic lights (symbolised by the two policewomen). Later, a puppet appeared and gave them a taste of what the children will have a few days later: a visit to a puppet theatre.

On Friday 9 December, the pupils of the two Grande Section classes went to see a puppet show organised by the police officers who had come on Monday. The spectacle told the story of animals and reminded them of the traffic rules learnt the previous Monday. The show ended with the song “Ampelindianer” learned in class.

The work in collaboration with the police will continue throughout the school year with further meetings and the passing of the pedestrian permit at the end of the school year.

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