Kamishibaï, the super project at the maternelle!

Kamishibaï, the super project at the maternelle!

The Kamishibaï project is a creative and innovative project that aims to promote language diversity through the creation of a story that has a multilingual dimension.

Raising awareness of the diversity of languages provides a powerful tool for better living and learning together.

Kamishibaï is a storytelling technique of Japanese origin that allows stories to be told in a playful and captivating way, while at the same time constituting a formidable pedagogical tool for learning reading, writing, oral expression and art.

The theme chosen was the circus. Eager to get started, the children used all their skills and illustrated a story which they then told in several languages.

Below you will find the video and the text of their story.

Since the word comes from Japan, the two Grande Section classes went further into the adventure and learned more about the country.

The project covered all five learning areas. The pupils benefited from reading sessions of different books, such as “Yumi the Kokeshi doll”, “Nanami’s goldfish”, “Mrs. Hô’s umbrella” or “The caterpillar that makes holes” in Japanese. The reading of “The caterpillar that makes holes” was done simultaneously in Japanese and French. Special thanks go to the mother that came to read this story.

The children worked in groups or on their own and produced beautiful paintings or artistic objects such as drawings of Japanese temples, the making of Japanese Kokeshi dolls. They learned to write their names in Japanese, to make decorative graphics such as fans or temples, but they also learned about some of the country’s specificities.

To top it all off, they were invited to taste maki (rice/cucumber) offered by Rewe and Eat Happy.

We would like to thank the teachers and the children for sharing the fruits of their labour with us. We would like to thank the parents who participated in the project and especially Rewe and Eat Happy who provided the children with a delicious snack.

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