On 8 March, the Lycée Français Simone Veil dresses up in the colours of women’s rights!

On 8 March, the Lycée Français Simone Veil dresses up in the colours of women's rights!

8 March is International Women’s Rights Day, and at LFISV we’re celebrating it!

The Lycée Français International Simone Veil has gone for the colour of women’s rights: purple!

It’s always been said that blue is for boys and pink for girls: purple is a blend and we say yes!

To mark the occasion, various activities were organised throughout the day. In the primary classes, the teachers talked about the women who have left their mark on world history, while in the nursery classes, they worked on the theme of gender equality. The school vibrated to the announcements made by several students in conjunction with the day and the youngest pupils were explained the content of the announcements by their teachers… we are convinced that we all learned something new!

All the students, boys and girls, were given a lovely purple ribbon which they then wrapped around their wrists, the girls received paper flowers prepared by the civic service and other pupils, portraits of women in science were displayed around the school and much more.

To round off the day, children from primary and secondary schools answered questions from our two budding reporters, Camille and Marie, and the two CE1 classes visited the pre-school and sang a song together celebrating boy-girl equality: “Y a pas d’raison!” – Les Enfantastiques

Our society has changed a lot since the first feminist movements. Much progress has been made, and commissions dedicated to achieving full gender equality in law and in practice are now in place, but there is still work to be done. Our institution bears the name of a great woman who worked for women’s rights, and it’s up to us to honour her and continue this fight. At LfiSV, we support equality between girls and boys, women and men, so that everyone can benefit from the same education and the same opportunities at school and at work.

We would like to thank all the students for their participation, the teachers for their work in the classroom, the staff and the civic service volunteers.

Thank you all and stay committed!

Arielle Randriamiarana Civic Service- Vie Scolaire

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