The Circus is having a great time at the Maternelle

The Circus is having a great time at the Maternelle

You never get bored when you enter the nursery building with all the things going on in the corridors and classrooms. The décor changes on a regular basis, ranging from the decorations on the classroom doors to the posters on the walls.

During the preparations for the Carnival, the Maternelle was immersed in the world of tents, fantasy and illusion – the circus. As the circus was the theme of this year’s carnival, the teachers carefully prepared tons of activities on the subject and, of course, decorated the doors of their classrooms to get everyone in the mood.

When the circus comes to town, all children look forward to discovering it. Learning the vocabulary of the circus helps children to better understand and appreciate the circus. Also, many books, in French and German, were read to the children and the pictures were explained. The work continued with language sequences as well as activities in the form of different games: games, memory games, puzzles…

The children’s creativity and fine motor skills were put to use through cutting and pasting paper, drawing, and colouring different characters. The Tangram was also an excellent pedagogical support for learning and enriching vocabulary.

The grand section classes went even further by creating a book, entitled the Circus Abecedary. They worked and assembled pictures for each letter of the alphabet, wrote each word and at the end realized a video that we warmly invite you to discover.

The adventure culminated on Carnival day when all children came to school in colourful costumes representing, for the most part, a character of the new and wonderful world they were so happy to discover or learn about.

We thank everyone and look forward to the next theme that the nursery school will present with much pride.

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