The Lycée français international Simone Veil in the press

Welcome to the new Lycée français international Simone Veil - The LfiSV in the German press

The celebration of the 60th anniversary of the school created a real synergy between the different parties of our school community. Everyone was happy to see the smiles on the faces of all these children, our children, in blue, white and red, to hear their laughter echoing throughout the courtyard at each trick of the amusing magician-clown, to hear them sing in French and German in front of their friends and parents, joy to see them stand up and applaud their friends who so brilliantly and solemnly shared in reading and music, excerpts from speeches of Simone Veil and of some great people who have worked so hard for friendship between peoples, joy to feel the magic that was in the air on this beautiful sunny day in October when, all together, we put our arms in the air, “go, go, go” and danced and sung…

Amazing joy to have succeeded in uniting and reuniting, for one fantastic day, all the children, the young, the old, the students, the teachers, the parents, the officials, all the staff, the whole school community.

On the same day, the LfiSV was featured on the WDR television and radio news program, highlighting the school’s international dimension and its 60th anniversary.

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